• Using Foundation's rem-calc without Foundation

    Playing with functions

    Because we're using Zurb's Foundation in a lot of projects in the agency I'm working at I'm used to Foundations rem-calc function(and fuck yeah it is just amazing! (; ). For the ones of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's a function which spits out rem values instead of pixels. You just… read more

  • Photoshop CC & Webp

    Sometime the simplest solutions are the best

    When dabbling around with webp and the picture element, I struggled to embed the conversion of webp seamlessly into my workflow, which mostly happens between Photoshop CC and the browser. !Please take a look at the ende of the article. There are two follow ups to this post. I've just started to… read more

  • CSSconf.eu 2013 Berlin

    Chris Eppstein - The mind-blowing power of Sass 3.3

    Fig. 01| Chris Eppstein @chriseppstein source maps string functions map data structure SassScript goes meta variable scoping source maps generated js & css is hard to debug how to find the exact point in real source Canary + flags + check Sass stylesheet debugging also gem install sass --pre… read more

  • CSSconf.eu 2013 Berlin

    Rachel Nabors - Animation studio power techniques

    Fig. 01| @rachelnabors Sass gem animtaion studio animation power techniques slides read more

  • CSSconf.eu 2013 Berlin

    Razvan Caliman - Cutting edge CSS features

    Fig. 01| @razvancaliman CSS Regions CSS regions was invented to close the gap between print layouts and the web one content to flow content from one box into another regions can have whichever size and form you want the content reflows by resizing the browser size you can flow content in regions… read more